In December 2018 along with 12 other female songwriters I became an APRA AMCOS Ambassador. Below you’ll learn more about the program’s aim and vision. This excerpt was taken direct from the site’s 2018 publication.

The aim of the APRA AMCOS Ambassador program is to have music creators represent the organisation to the wider music industry, media, educational institutions, government, and, of course, music audiences. It’s our members’ stories that so effectively communicate key messages about copyright, royalties, songwriting, music education, career pathways and more, and at the start of the year we set out to invite more members to join the ranks, so that their unique experiences and expertise can be utilised in meaningful ways across the industry.

It’s an honor for me to represent this organization as APRA takes care of us by supporting some of the aspects of songwriter that are very important to me. As I mentioned in their recent article:

I like to see songwriters become more educated about their revenue streams and how to protect their work and be compensated for the usage of their work and APRA does all this and collects our income and takes care of us, so it’s an honor to represent.

If you are an aspiring songwriter be sure to educate yourself and learn more about what APRA does for us! Hope this helps you on your journey!



VASSY Karagiorgos